2019 Election: Southwest Will Vote for Atiku, Says Group

Despite that the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo is from the southwest, a group under the aegis of the Friends for Wazirin Adamawa, Lagos has assured that the zone will vote for Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate in the next year’s presidential election.
Speaking after a meeting in Surulere in Lagos, Mr. Oba Olufela, the State Director, Friends of Waziri Adamawa Lagos said that the South west will vote for Atiku because he’s the best candidate for now and he’s a detribalised Nigerian and loved by all.
“I have been going around the southwest–Oyo, Osun Ekiti, Ondo and Ogun states and you also know that Gbenga Daniel is from there, there has been groundswell of support for Atiku.
“In Lagos where we have plenty non-indigenes and their love for Jimi Agbaje and Atiku are enormous. Southwest is for Atiku, Its not about people and tribe, but quality of candidate and we have that in Atiku.
He is Fulani as Buhari, but Atiku has quality because we have tried Buhari and he has been a colossal failure. Nigerians should come out and vote, we should not take things for granted; we should all be concerned, we should not allow anybody to enslave us anymore,” Olufela told The Oracle.
He further explained the other qualities of Atiku that stand him out as the best choice for the presidency: ” Atiku is not tribalistic and despotic; all Nigerians love him, He’s a tasted businessman and the best candidate for now despite all the corruption allegations and criticisms. No Nigeria or foreign court has convicted him, proving that the allegations are unsubstantiated.”
Olufela, who was former director of technology, Jimmy Agbaje Campaign 2014, discarded the allegation that the PDP was dead in Lagos state, adding that the party will deliver the vote for Agbaje and Atiku at the polls.
Claiming that PDP is dead in Lagos is a wishful thinking by the opposition.  “Every party has its challenge, and in Lagos you have a lot of power brokers with their self-interest and therefore it becomes difficult for the party to be organised at some point. The challenge we had was about selfishness and self-interest and not about age. We need the young and the old to move on the party, PDP is not dead.
He said a lot of structures are being put in place by some of our leaders, especially by “the governorship candidate, Jimmy Agbaje, Alhaji Olowokoniran and others. We hope that all these structures will collapse into one for the 2019 election.
“In general term, we are going to go from house to house for our campaign, to sell our candidates and we already have over one million volunteers and in the next one week you will see us in the neighbourhood because this election is peculiar. We will counter the APC propaganda with quality campaign based on issues.
“In Lagos its Atiku Abubakar and Jimmy Atiku we know and shall support. You cannot compare Agbaje with Sanwolu, they are no match despite the godfather behind him. We are not troubled at all,” Olufela emphasised.

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